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Be mine? :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 10 0 Anubis FOR SALE! :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 255 10 chart for shading :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 147 0 Ugly stages :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 17 4 Happy Birthday 2017 :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 16 3 Avatar :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 103 8 Trenzetter :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 68 10 I'm the Chief :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 8 2 Happy Fathers Day :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 4 0 Gamer Dog :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 10 0 You've got a friend in me :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 22 5 Rex Specs :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 11 0 Happy Easter! :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 5 1 Happy Birthday :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 6 2 Happy Mother's Day :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 23 7 Fleur - De - Lis :iconfriesianfury:FriesianFury 46 3
Artwork by Sara Gifford
"FriesianFury Studio"

:star: Closed For Commissions and re-sculpting of the plastic or resin pony!

:star: Closed books for paint work.

:star: I also have some PRINTS AVAILABLE!


Texture 119 :iconninjarabbit-stock:NinjaRabbit-Stock 263 35 Jurassic Park Deinonychus (Updated 2014) :iconhellraptor:Hellraptor 491 109 Velociraptor Sornaensis female :iconbrooksleibee:BrooksLeibee 81 118 velociraptor blue :iconhannay1982:hannay1982 104 11 CM Studio 1/2 Scale Velociraptor :iconbaryonyx-walkeri:Baryonyx-walkeri 47 2 Dakotaraptor Restored :iconthedragonofdoom:TheDragonofDoom 163 11 Velociraptor Reconstructed :iconthedragonofdoom:TheDragonofDoom 203 12 Velociraptor mongoliensis :iconfelipe-elias:felipe-elias 126 37 Therizinosaurus :iconbaryonyx-walkeri:Baryonyx-walkeri 146 11 Guanlong - Finished :iconbaryonyx-walkeri:Baryonyx-walkeri 57 5 Graciliraptor :iconbaryonyx-walkeri:Baryonyx-walkeri 69 2 Horizon JP Velociraptor :iconbaryonyx-walkeri:Baryonyx-walkeri 90 5 Raptors: Dakotaraptor Steini (updated ! ) :iconhellraptor:Hellraptor 361 44 Velociraptor mongoliensis :iconhellraptor:Hellraptor 261 25 Utahraptor, Walking with Dinosaurs :iconpolihierax:Polihierax 310 34 jurassic park :icontaboada:taboada 442 55



Anubis FOR SALE!
Artist Resin is Hornet aka Anubis, donated and sculpted by Maggie Bennett. Anubis was customize by Sara Gifford of FriesianFury Studio's. All the customized work was adding armor (parts of the armor detail came from jewelry), horn and new lion tail out magic sculpt apoxie. His paint work was done in pastel pigments and armor, tail, hooves and eyes where painted in acrylics. He has many layers of sealer to protect his finish work and his base has been glossed over. He also has red gems on his armor 

I gave him the name Anubis (new owner has full rights to change the name)- an afterlife god in ancient Egyptian religion. For me he was a symbol of power and grace to transport our loved ones to their next stage in life. He was deeply created out of love for my father who suddenly passed away and my way of dealing with that loss and giving back to the model horse hobby that helped me in my time of need. By creating and selling Anubis, funds will be donated to the Our Mims Retirement Haven.

The Mims suggested that I set the auction at 85% only so that 15% can cover any fee's and shipping which, I ship world wide so that I don't have to pay that out of pocket. Anything remaining out of that 15% after the fee's, I will paypal to the Mims, I will not keep a single dime of this donation to myself. I was not sure if I should put that in the ad and might get into trouble for it so I just left it out.


More photos can be found on my facebook fan page ---…
chart for shading
Helpful Shading guide:

 When you have your base color on your models or building colors from primer up, your at the point to try and focus on just its points with a darker color and a shade lighter for mid points and shade lighter for lighter points. I'm not sure how to tell you what I mean besides showing it.

1 is a darker color that rests on pointy bone areas
2 is a lighter color then 1 and sets/blends into 1 and is also main base color of the hole model
3 is even lighter and is your highlights that sets in dips and undersides

(just below the check bone before muzzle it should be a blend of 2 and 3)

This is how I work on the models....and hoping this makes sense. This gives depths and shading instead of just a flat color all over the horse. Judge your shading off your reference photo and in person on how darker or lighter your points should be, be sure to blend them into each other and most of all have fun!

Ugly stages
I was trying something new which turned out very well, but had the primer on stand by. But my post here is to show to not give up to soon when your in the "ugly" stages. Keep pushing through till it turns into that swain. Worse cause if it never turns.....just pull out the primer and pretend it never happen ;) This horse  is still needing its details done (still in the works) but the body color is finished.
Happy Birthday 2017
Last year I dressed my dog Garrus up as a clown....kinda. To share with friends on their Birthday. This year with suggestions from friends I went the steampunk look. The cake was made with styrofoam, gears, plastic jar and some some pluming tubs.

Welcome to use photo but please do not remove logo for that gives credit to me.


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United States
You can pretty much know what I do by going to this link :D
It has all my prices, info on myself and the work I have done.

In short Im a mother of 4 boys and a little girl. Married to my husband for 14 years and we've been together for 16. I love to work on the model horse and to be around real horses. I've just started to get the passion for photography as well!!
As much as I try I keep getting "sorry, we could not submit to the selected group folder in." on 3 different web browser and 2 different computers. So it looks like for the time being I wont be able to upload and show you guys any of my work here till DA can fix this problem. From my search, this does seem to be a problem that other members are having a problem with.

BTW I'm not even trying to submit to a group and this keeps doing it so there is a major glitch going on.

You can keep track of my work on Facebook for the time being…

Take care!
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